The obligation to take out car insurance

An obligation: the law imposes the obligation to take out minimum insurance for most “used motor vehicles”. This implies for vehicles with 2,3,4 or more wheels equipped with an engine. Thus, scooters, bicycles, cars must be insured and most quads, motorized seats, electric bicycles, ride-on mowers, etc. must be insured. Taking out insurance also means protecting yourself and others. The injury doesn’t just happen to others. You can be responsible for a road collision at any time, however, also a victim. So, to travel in complete serenity, it is better to be insured! On the other hand, to insure a boat, we suggest you join the Only Yacht team.

Motor liability insurance

Also known as “motor third party liability”, “third party” insurance covers costs related to the substance and physical damage caused to a third party when the driver is liable for it. It is important to distinguish between damage caused by the insured and what he or she is likely to suffer. In the event of a claim, the “third party” contract only covers damage resulting from the third party, without ever participating in the reimbursement of the person responsible. On the other hand, the “third party” insured victim of an accident will be paid by the car insurance of the person responsible for the loss, the cheapest car insurance coverage, the “third party” formula is also the formula that protects at least the insured. It is therefore very important to clearly define your needs before purchasing such insurance. For luxury boat insurance, you will need to contact an expert.

Choosing to insure your vehicle at all risks

If third party automobile insurance is the minimum required for a motor vehicle, the wording of this insurance policy appears to be limited. Car insurance in its own variant is not able to pay for the damage caused by your car. There is nothing to hope for if any harm has been done to you. In fact, the advantage of civil liability insurance is that it ensures the payment of potential victims. There is a complete car insurance policy to better protect you. This type of offer offers greater protection to the insured, as it can be implemented regardless of who is responsible for the reduction (the driver, an unidentified third party, etc.) and the type of accident. It covers the driver and his car. All-risk automobile insurance offers greater safety in the event of a civil liability accident.

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